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Machine Shop:

We are equipped with modern industrial CNC milling, turning, EDM and wirecut machines of German, Japanese and US origin. Conventional processes include milling, turning, shaping, grinding and heat treatment.

The Machine Shop and fabrication shop is capable of manufacturing precision dies, molds, jigs and replacement parts for industrial equipment. Our facilities include, but are not limited to:.

  • CNC Machining Center (HAAS)
  • CNC Milling (DECKEL & MAKINO)
  • CNC Turning (TAKISAWA)
  • Milling Machines (BOHNER & KOHLE, TOS, STOCKHOLM)
  • Turning Machines (HARRISON, TRUET LATHER & PRIMA)
  • Drilling Machines (MASKINER & SPINDLE)
  • Grinding Machines (CHURCHIL, TOS, ELLIOT, OKAMOTO & THULE)
  • Tool Grinder (PEAR)
  • Welding Equipment (DAISHEN)

We are also equipped with a vertical turning machine, shapers, sheering, hand presses, power presses, hydraulic bench presses, Power hacksaw and crane.

Design & Development:

Ayenbee has acquired extensive engineering knowhow in a diverse range of fields from metallurgy to bio sciences. The company possesses a valuable portfolio of knowledge and intellectual property in the following fields:

  • Advanced Aluminum Casting Process
  • Human Transportation Technology
  • Hermetic Sealing Technology
  • Cotton and Fiber Engineering
  • Assembly Line Monitoring and Automation
  • Green Manufacturing Systems
  • Green Power Transmission

Decades of experience and indigenous research have evolved unique methods for economical production and programmable testing of automotive wiring systems

Design & Development efforts by our team have resulted in time savings, superior product & process control and substantial cost savings for our customers.