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Products & Applications

Decades of Experience in the Following Areas:

  • Automobile Industry
  • Cable & Wire Harness Industry
  • Plastics Molding Industry
  • Industrial Automation
  • High Speed Machinery

Precision Machining

Wire Harness for Automobiles and Automobile Accessories

  • Precision Machined Components & Assemblies.
  • Heat Treatment & Hardening.
  • Molds for Aluminum Casting.
  • Molds for Plastic Injection Molding
  • Dies & Tools.

High Speed Machinery Components

Precision Machined and Hardened Components and Assemblies

  • Complex Assemblies for the Textile Industry
  • Components for high speed Packaging Plants

Harness Tooling

Wire Harness Assembly Jigs and Crimp Tooling

  • Crimping Dies & Applicators
  • Assembly Jigs with Automotive Probes

Plastic Injection

Complex Mold Design & Molding Facilities

  • Plastic Injection for Various Materials
  • Rapid Prototyping


Electronics for Automation & Testing

  • Machine Control Systems
  • Optical & Proximiity Montoring
  • Guided Harness Assembly Systems
  • Harness Circuit Testing

Production & Testing Machines

Automatic Machines for Robot Cells

  • Pnumatic & Hydraulic Control Systems
  • Robotic Cleaning & Polishing Systems
  • Mechanical Vibration & Fatigue Testing Systems

Robotic Systems

Accessories for Robot Cells

  • Intelligent Conveyor Systems
  • Accessories for Robots

Wheel Testing Machines

Automatic Machines for Wheel Production

  • Automotive Aluminum Wheel Leak Testing Systems