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Maintaining high standards of Quality, Safety & Ethics Since 1976


A small Engineering firm, Ayenbee Enterprises is established, to design, develop and manufacture wire harness assemblies.

Wire Harness developed for Nayadaur Motors and approved by AMC USA for use on AMC Jeep CJ7.


Ayenbee is incorporated as a private limited company. A factory is established in Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi.

Assembly jigs fabricated for spot welding of Isuzu pickup main body floor and front side doors.


Wire Harness developed for Allied Tractors and approved by Ford Motor Company USA for use on Ford Tractors in Pakistan.


Relations established with AMP of Britain. Terminals and connectors imported from them.

Wire Harness developed for Suzuki FX passenger cars, and supplied to Pak Suzuki Motor Co.


Relations established with Sumitomo Wiring Systems of Japan. Terminals and connectors imported from them.


Suzuki introduces Alto car with BEL designed harness. The design is approved by Suzuki Motor Company, Japan, resulting in substantial cost savings for the customer.


Japanese automakers Nissan, Mazda, Hino and Isuzu introduce their range of Diesel trucks with harnesses redesigned by BEL for cost effectiveness.


A precision Engineering shop established in Islamabad to meet demand for tooling. CNC machines of German, Japanese and US origin are employed.

Wire harness assembly and test jigs are developed here. The toolshop is also capable of designing, developing and fabricating dies and molds for the plastic injection industry and press tools for sheet metal working.

Additionally it has design and development capability for electric, electronic and hydraulic systems.


Bahawalpur Engineering Limited (BEL) is incorporated, and a modern wire harness plant is established in Bahawalpur. NC machinery of Japanese origin is employed. Toyota introduces a range of Corolla sedan models and Hi Ace pick-up trucks in Pakistan.

BEL is proud to see Toyota begin production with BEL wire harnesses from their very first production vehicles.


Honda introduces a range of Civic sedan models. Nissan introduces their range of Sunny sedans.

Both companies begin production with BEL wire harnesses from their very first production cars.


BEL achieves ISO 9002 certification. All four wheelers assembled in Pakistan to this date have BEL wire harness installed on them - farm tractors and motorcycles excepted.


Time to diversify. A cotton yarn spinning unit is established in Faisalabad with a capacity of 30,000 spindles.


A cotton knit-wear unit is established in Lahore capable of knitting, dying, finishing and stitching knitwear garments.


Sindh Engineering launches a range of Chinese brand Dong Feng Trucks with Wire Harness supplied by BEL.


BEL inaugurates a new wire harness plant in Karachi to meet the growing demands of Pak Suzuki Motor Company.


Bahawalpur Motors inaugurates a state of the art motorcycle assembly plant completely designed and built by Ayenbee. The plant includes a complete engine assembly line, motorcycle assembly line, an energy efficient paint shop and electronic testing stations. All hardware and software developed in house.


Advanced water drain sealing system patented and developed for the North American construction industry.

BEL introduces crimp force monitoring and crimp cross section testing at Karachi Bin Qasim Plant. Ultrasonic welding technology acquired, although not required by any customer at the time.


Ayenbee develops poka yoke electronic monitoring and control systems for manual assembly lines. The system guides and monitors the assembly worker's hands. Proximity, movement of the hands and applied force is monitored electronically.


Crimp cross section testing standardized across all plants for quality control and tooling development.

Preparing for TS16949 certification

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