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Ayenbee Products

Bahawalpur Engineering - Cables & Wire Harness

BEL has been supplying Cables & Wire Harness to the majority of automobile and auto accessory assemblers in Pakistan since 1976. Armed with decades of experience in the field, BEL also redesigns harnesses for some of its customers.

Customers like Suzuki, Mazda and Isuzu have approved and accepted BEL designed wiring systems that result in substantial savings without compromising safety and quality.

  • Automative Wire Harness
  • Equipment Wire Harness
  • Automotive Cables
  • Lead Wires

Ayenbee Engineering - Research & Development

Ayenbee Engineering is a research & development support for the group. The development team is supported by a modern CNC equipped toolshop with inhouse machining, heat treatment and fabrication facilities, resulting in reduced development time and superior service.

Over the past four decades, Ayenbee has acquired extensive engineering knowhow in a diverse range of fields from metallurgy to bio sciences. The company possesses a valuable portfolio of knowledge and intellectual property in the following fields:

  • Advanced Aluminum Casting Process
  • Human Transportation Technology
  • Hermetic Sealing Technology
  • Cotton and Fiber Engineering
  • Assembly Line Monitoring and Automation
  • Green Manufacturing Systems
  • Green Power Transmission

Please note that many products and research projects at Ayenbee Engineering may not be offered commercially. The list is only intended to present some of our capabilities. Please contact to enquire:

  • Embedded Automotive Electronics
  • Precision Tooling for Wire Harness
  • Plastic Injection Molds

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